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We have seven Championship badminton courts in GLTC, two in the ‘small hall’ and five in the ‘big hall’. Club Night (our Social Night) takes place on Monday nights (all year round), and the Juniors have their Social Badminton on Fridays from 4.30pm – 6.30pm. The courts are available for booking for members and non members both during the day and in the evenings, including weekends.

Our facilities attract a wide variety of players, from the competitive players, who are very serious about their badminton, to the recreational players who enjoy the game in a less competitive way, and everyone in between. Whatever level a badminton player wants to be involved at, there is a place for them at GLTC. Club Night is our ‘Social Badminton’ night and offers a non-competitive environment for players of all levels to learn the game, improve their skills and meet other players. Competitive players can join the league team suited to their standard; the GLTC have six teams from Grades C to H.

Players can enter the annual County Championships and take part in the local competitions held every year in the club. Individual and group coaching is available, which cater to beginners, improvers and experienced players. The Badminton Club have many social events, where players have an opportunity to meet and socialise with one another. We are also very active on all the popular Social Media platforms, the links for which can be found below.

2014 Club of the Year

In December 2014, Galway Lawn Tennis Club were honoured by being voted
Badminton Ireland’s Club of the Year 2014
for our outstanding contribution to the growth and progress of the sport in Ireland.

Badminton Club Night

Badminton Club Night is held on Monday nights from 8pm to 10pm. The badminton season generally starts in September and runs through to May every year, but here at GLTC, we can’t get enough, so our Club Nights now run every Monday, all year round! The organisers are members of the badminton committee and some volunteers who use a computer programme to generate fun and balanced games of Doubles and Mixed Doubles every week. Two club night organisers ensure that club night runs smoothly each Monday night.

Beginners and players new to the club have the option of attending for three nights as non members, and during this time they usually enjoy the experience so much that they become full members of the club. Club night coaching is provided for all levels of players.

Games at club night typically last for about 20 minutes and are usually doubles and mixed doubles games. Players get the opportunity to play with others of a similar standard to themselves and also with those of a slightly higher standard who can challenge and improve their game. More experienced players help those who are improving by providing tips and encouragement.

Badminton club night is very friendly and sociable and provides a good opportunity for members to arrange games with each other outside of club nights. Therefore even if new players don’t know anyone when they arrive on their first night, they will meet many new people before they leave at 10pm and may even have made a few new friends.

Badminton Events

Galway League

There are currently six league teams for Grades C to H representing Galway Lawn Tennis Club. Matches are played both at home in the club and away in the opposing team’s club throughout the competitive season. The league finals are held in GLTC in March every year.

GLTC Badminton has a strong history for winning regional, provincial and even national titles across all grades in the Inter-Club League.

Galway County Championships

The Galway County Championships are held every year in the GLTC. The categories are ladies’ singles, men’s singles, ladies’ doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. All divisions are catered for and each event is spread over the course of the season. Our Calendar of events detail each event.

Connacht Championships

The Connacht Championships are held every year, often in GLTC. The categories are the same as the county championships. Players from the five counties get to play against each other and proceed to represent Connacht in the All-Ireland Inter-County finals.

County Galway Team

Every year a Galway County team is compiled of the best players from all clubs. In recent years, GLTC Badminton have been represented on all five teams from grade C to G. Last year alone, we had over 20 players from GLTC represent Galway at the All-Ireland Finals in May.

In-House Competitions

Every year, GLTC Badminton host many friendly and social competitions. Our annual ‘Halloween Fancy Dress Competition’, ‘Christmas Turkey Tournament’ and multiple ‘Team Tournaments’ are very popular among our members each year. An open team tournament takes place every Good Friday which attracts participants from all over County Galway. These tournaments are always very well attended and enjoyed by all. The games are followed by refreshments and prize giving ceremonies as well as the occasional night out on the town!

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