• Junior Tennis

Tennis is a fantastic sport, which can be played and enjoyed for a lifetime. The physical and psychological benefits for children, particularly those who start playing at an early age are immense; and once conquered, they can take this multi-faceted skill wherever they go. That’s why our junior tennis programme recognises the importance of introducing tennis in the early years and focuses on nurturing children appropriately as they grow.

Overall, tennis is a reasonably simple sport and taught well, it requires just a little concentration and a good learning environment. It’s also an individual and competitive sport so by playing, children will naturally learn the values of sportsmanship including discipline, competitive spirit, self-respect, fairness, respect for others, diligence and commitment.

At Galway Lawn Tennis Club we believe that lessons in life can be learnt through sport!

There is no doubt that children love to play tennis and are naturally competitive. We have worked hard to ensure our junior tennis programme reflects this and will make sure that all kids on the programme are presented with the correct ways to grow physically and mentally.

We now offer junior tennis Intensive so players can keep improving throughout the school holidays. It is three or six hours per day of structured coaching that works on technical and tactical themes that will really speed their improvement.