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Ladies Tennis Ladder

Ladies Singles box league

  • To enter the league sign up at reception or contact league organiser – Helen Lawless 0876548577
  • Players cannot join mid schedule round but they will be accommodated at the end of the current schedule round.
  • Matches will take the form of a pro-set (i.e. first to 8 games, winning by 2) with a regular tiebreak at 7-7. Games will be full games.
  • Players should arrange their own matches, which must be played by the schedule end date. Matches after this date will not be taken into consideration.
  • The winner must input the result on ebooking software immediately after the match.
  • In the case of injury/unavailability please contact the organiser. Due to the promotion/relegation nature of the league, awarding a walkover is unfair to other members of the box. We will do everything to facilitate play of a match & will only consider a walkover if the circumstances warrant it.

Box standings will be determined by the points accumulated.

Points are awarded as follows:-

8/0 (winner gets 20, loser 4)

8/1 (winner gets 19, loser 5)

8/2 (winner gets 18, loser 6)

8/3 (winner gets 17, loser 7)

8/4 (winner gets 16, loser 8)

8/5 (winner gets 15, loser 9)

8/6 (winner gets 14, loser 10)

8/7 (winner gets 13, loser 11)

  • At the end of the round, players will be promoted/relegated based on their placing in the group.
  • The bottom one or two will be relegated and the top one or two will be promoted.
  • At the end of the schedule boxes may be adjusted to accommodate new players joining the league.

American Tournaments

Our American tournaments are generally held on the last Sunday of every month and are open to players of all standards. These are fun tournaments designed to get you mixing with everybody else and enjoying yourself. Sign up for these events at reception when they are announced.

Team Tournaments

Our team tournaments take place 2 to 3 times a year. A round robin format, teams typically consisting of 4 men and 4 women and match consisting of men, ladies and mixed doubles. Played over two weeks with food and beverages served after the final! Fun for everyone involved!

Club Championships

Our club championships typically take place early September over the course of a week. The competition is graded and typically covers 3 different sections. Singles, doubles and mixed with only one winner at the end, always proves to be an exciting event where all the players in the club get to prove themselves against their fellow competitors.

Connacht Open

On the June bank holiday weekend, some of the top tennis players in the country descend on Galway Bay to battle it out for the prestigious title of ‘Connacht Champion’! Typically the most popular tennis event held at GLTC bringing in 130+ players. There are different graded sections to cater for all standards so even if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there is a place for everybody in the competition. It’s not just the tennis that’s exciting… BBQ’s, Live Music, and late night partying are to be enjoyed at the weekend too!

Ray Rooney Memorial Tournament

This Spring mens and ladies doubles event is held in memory of Ray Rooney, a life-long club member and Irish international after whom the tournament is named. There are different graded sections to cater for all standards with refreshments and fun to be had in the bar all day!

Turkey Tournament

Just before Christmas each year, a mens / womens doubles event takes place where the winning duo gets the chance to feed the family for free that Christmas, with a turkey and a prize for each player on the winning team!

Team Doubles

This annual team challenge event open to players from all clubs takes place on the first weekend of October. Teams of 4 with 2 men and 2 women playing ladies, mens and mixed doubles. A round robin format applies with lots of games involved for all entrants on the Saturday. Semifinals and finals are held on Sunday with a fun mixed tournament for those not involved in the finals. A social gathering also takes place on the Saturday in one of the local watering holes!